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Voodoo Veve Ogun Handmade Wall Hanging Artwork from Haiti, Authentic Upcycled Art Collection, 14.25 x 17.25 Inches

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Haiti and Its Beauty In French, Haiti is known as the Pearl of the Antilles in great part because of its natural beauty. Haiti is home to miles and miles of breathtaking beaches and crystal blue waters. It is also the home to gorgeous mountains, more than any other spot in the Caribbean. Tourists love having the view of the mountains while relaxing in the ocean. If that was not enough, Haiti is known for it's amazing cuisine bringing in a blend of French, Spanish, native Taine, and African influences. But above all, what makes Haiti the beautiful country that it is, is its people. Haitians are known to be resilient, graceful, and hospitable. For those who have had the opportunity to visit Haiti, it is no double that this is a beautiful country! Haitian Struggles The Struggles Haiti is the poorest nation in the western Hemisphere. In its 217 years as a soverign nation, Haiti has faced devastating natural disasters, a crippling economy, a corrupt government, historical deforsestation, food insecurity, overpopulation, lack of sanitation, and lack of adequate education, just to name a few. The Reasons As you can tell by the amount of struggles Haiti has, it is hard to pinpoint the reason for Haiti's struggles with just one or two issues. In great part the corrupt government, the lack of help, and the lack of education create a cycle that has prevented Haiti from reaching its full potential. But there is a lot we can do to help! Haiti Statistics 100,000 children under the age of 5 are malnourished. 30% of the population does not have ample access to nourishing food. 1 in 2 Haitians use unanitary water, the leading cause of many diseases. According to World Bank 2017, 59% of the population lives under the poverty line. Also, 24% live in a situation of extreme poverty. Ways to Help Haiti Find Organizations There are organizations and programs with the intention of helping Haiti through crisis and through their struggles. Research reputable organizations and donate! Some of our favorites are Project HOPE and Hope for Haiti. Start the Conversation The amount of help one person can give, although super important, can be limited. Spread the word, let your friends know ways they can help. The more people that can show support, the more help Haiti can get! Shop Fair Trade Fair Trade is the most recognized and trusted sustainability label in the world. It is an arrangement designed to help producers in growing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. By shopping Fair Trade, not only are you helping in the short run, but you are helping provide jobs that help them in the long run! Fair Trade & It's Cactus How does It's Cactus support Fair Trade We began working in Haiti over 21 years ago with the goal of fighting poverty through art. During this time, we have worked with over 120 artists, cultivating business relationships and friendships, all while being Fair Trade members. Our artists are respected as equal trading partners. Their culture and their craft are valued, honored, and their work is compensated 100% in an equitable manner. What makes us different As one of the only Fair Trade Members for Haitian metal art, we strive to build respectable business relationships while cultivating lifelasting friendships. Because of this, we have had the pleasure of seeing their kids grow up and work with many of them as well! We have also had the opportunity to bring some of our artists to the US to learn the other side of the business they are part of. Favorite success story One of the artists who we've worked together with for many years is J.C. Soulouque. Through his art he has supported his own family putting his son and daughter through school. Now, his son, R. Soulouque, is attending business school and is employed by It's Cactus as our inventory and shipments manager! We love to see families benefit from the opportunities Fair Trade . How Can You Support Fair Trade Shop Fair Trade (Look for the Logo!) Spread the Word Love Your Product Leave a Review! Join Us In Our Fight Against Poverty With Haitian Metal Art

Key Features:
• Exceptionally fine detail is the hallmark of these veve artwork. Each bit of beading represents a single hammer stroke.
• Place this Veve near your beautiful wall artwork or near family pictures.
• Voodoo Wall Hanging Collection from Haiti
• Handmade from recycled steel barrels.

Country of Origin:USA
Manufacturer/Importer/Packed By:?It's Cactus
Availability: Estimated time of delivery is 12-15 days
Delivery Region : All over India

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