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Now Free Shipping on all orders all over India

Makita 5 Pak 45 ut Off Wheels For 45 Grinders Aggressive utting For Metal Stainless SteelINOX 412 x 045 x 78Inh

by Makita
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Current price Rs. 3,691.00

Optimize your metal utting work with these 5 Makita Premier 412” utting Wheels for Metal and Stainless Steel suh as rebar steel pipe strutural galvanized steel sheet metal strutural tubing blak steel able and small to medium diameter solid piees When utting onsider applying the proper amount of pressure at a 90 degree angle to allow the utting wheel to do the work For best results onsider not pushing too hard on the wheel whih an ause the grinder to stall or kik bak or give a less effiient utting ation while also inreg the hanes of slippage or loss of Control of the tool resulting in injury or damage Applying light to moderate pressure and onsistent movement will provide the most effiient ut and minimize heat buildup onsider using light pressure and a onsistent motion throughout the ut for the fastest utrate and prolonged wheel life Exessive pressure through the ut auses inreased frition and heat buildup whih an ause inreased heat disoloration of the work piee and redued wheel life For demanding appliations higher amperage or torque angle grinders provide easier longlasting effiient uts

Key Features:
• ✅ CUT 2-3X More than lower quality or excessively thin wheels due to this wheel’s Carefully selected Grain Grit, Hard Bond Matrix & Wheel Thickness that provide the best balanced Cut Life, Cut Rate, Cut Precision, Power Demands & Heat Buildup in the industry, allowing you to cut longer, consistently precise with unmatched wheel integrity, moderate power demands and relatively low heat buildup
• ✅ QUICKLY & Effortlessly Cut through All Metal, Steel and Stainless Steel parts including rebar, steel pipe, structural & galvanized steel, sheet metal, structural tubing, black steel, cable and small to medium diameter solid pieces over an extra-long life span due to Makita’s High-performance aluminum oxide grain and proprietary hard bond matrix
• ✅ AVOID WHEEL SHATTER & Injury with lower priced wheels by relying on Makita’s proprietary strong Synthetic Resinoid Bond matrix that binds Premium White Aluminum Oxide with Phenol Resin, allowing for optimal grain wear which yields accurate cutting PERFORMANCE, PRECISION, LONGEVITY, STABILITY & INTEGRITY, cutting Longer, Faster and Reliably than other wheels that may shatter or prematurely wear
• ✅ DESIGNED for hard and continuous use on Stainless Steel, these Makita wheels are Quality Assured, Contaminant-Free, containing less than 0.1% Iron, Sulfur or Chlorine, for rust & corrosion-free results for your Stainless Steel material

Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer/Importer/Packed By : Makita

Availability: Estimated time of delivery is 12-15 days
Delivery Region : All over India

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